Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hi everyone!
Well, I am typing this at the long distance bus station of Buenos Aires and I have got a ticket to get on a bus to Puerto Madryn, which will leave in about 15 minutes, so it looks like I am finally really going to go... So the next update will be from somewhere in the South of Argentina!
The party on Saturday was excellent, on of the better parties in my life, and I want to thank everybody who was there for making it such a succes and Chris for sharing his farewell party with me! Here you can view my pictures and here you can view Chris´ pictures! I will miss you all and hopefully I will see some of you again some day, somewhere!

Ok, my bus will leave soon, so I have to run. The whales of Puerto Madryn are waiting for me.
Until next time! Besos! Chau!


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