Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hi people!
I am in Puerto Madryn now and just returned from my whale-watching trip today! Wow, that was terrific! We saw a few whales and got a good show with waving flippers and tails of a mother and her "little" baby. Later in the day we saw a lot of elephant seals, sea lions, pinguins and some other interesting animals. Overall a very good day!

Click the picture for more pictures

I have heaps of pictures, both from the farewell party and the whales, but I am have trouble to put them on the internet, so I am afraid you will all have to wait a bit more for that...
Puerto Madryn is all about the whales, so now that I have seen them, I am pretty much done in this place and tomorrow I will continue my way South, to Ushuaia. I am not sure if there will be some other interesting things on the way, if not, it will be about 1500 kilometres more to get to the most Southern city in the world, so it will take the better part of 2 days...
I will post more, when I have reach this end of the world! Besos! Chau!


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