Saturday, November 25, 2006

I am still in Puerto Madryn, or I am back again, to be more accurate. This because of a bit of an adventure yesterday. I wanted to go to Ushuaia, but didn´t like the idea to be on a tourist bus, so decided I try my luck with my thumb. I counted on spending at least one hour next to road waiting for a ride, but I got picked up by vehicle nr. 10 (after 2 mins.), driven by Dora, a very friendly lady from Buenos Aires. She wasn´t going to Ushuaia, but to the penguin colony a good deal south of Puerto Madryn and the deal was that after visting this colony she would drop me off next to the highway near there, so I could get on another ride. But after the first penguin colony, which was great, but quite pricey and very touristy, we decided there was still time to visit another one a bit farther out.

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That colony was gorgeous and we were the only ones there, which made it even better! But the best thing about going to this colony was actually the way down there, cruising through an amazing landscape, which reminded me strongly of Australia, filled with strange and interesting creatures and a visit to the tiny and dreamy little village just before. And not to forget the great conversations Dora and I had, discussing just about everything in our lives! By the time we left the second colony it was already getting dark and we started to hurry to get back to the highway. Once we got there, it was already dark and cold and to make things worse, there was no village or petrol station, just nothing. So we headed back up North to find an acceptable village to drop me of, but there was none. Eventually we ended up in the first town South from Puerto Madryn, with would still mean some progress on my way South, but quickly we found out that all the accomodation in this town was full. So with her last strength (by this time it was about 2 am and Dora was falling asleep behind the wheel about every other minute...) Dora drove back to Puerto Madryn, where we crashed in the same hostel I left that morning. Today is for the recovery of sleep missed yesterday and for the preparations for another try tomorrow, when I will hopefully get a lot nearer to Ushuaia! I will keep you informed...

(Y si lees este, Dora, gracias por todo y mandame un email!)


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