Friday, April 13, 2007

Hi everyone! (if anyone is still reading this...)
Gee, I have been in the Netherlands for almost 2 months already...! I still feel a bit strange, with everything being so familiar (pretty much the same as 4,5 years ago), but also remembering very clearly all the stuff that I have been living in the last 4,5 years. Sometimes I feel I was only away from Holland for a few weeks, but then an awful lot has happened, what makes it feels like even a lot more then 4,5 years!
Anyway, what have I been doing since my return? My first 2 weeks back in Holland (15 Feb - 4 Mar) were spend sorting through all the stuff that I had in storage with my parents, finding a place to live in Haarlem and finally moving there and arranging some things for my work and life.
Since the 5th of March I have been working at the same company that I worked for (for 1,5 years) 4,5 years ago: FCS, which is now called Moog FCS. So most of the time was spend working and getting accustomed with working and the type of work again. In the evening and weekends I tried to visit some of my friends and family, kickstart my social life and arrange my room and all the stuff that's in it. Some basic stuff, like getting my computer to run, getting a mobile phone card and getting a health insurance, took more time than expected and in most cases is still not entirely finished yet :(
In the meantime I am hoping that in the not-to-distant future I will have my stuff sorted, have some new-found regularity in my time outside work and have a good plan for the future.
I miss my girlfriend Nora, although we call and write emails, and I am thinking about visiting her in Argentina in the near future, while she is looking into visiting Europe.
Ok, not much really exciting news, I am afraid. If something slightly interesting happens, I will put it here for you to read!
With love to you all! Dave


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