Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi people!
These are my last few days and I am feeling a bit strange. I am looking forward to see how life in Holland will be again, but I will miss my life in Buenos Aires. I will be happy to see my family and friends in Holland again, but I will miss my Nora and all the other great people that I have met here. I guess I will also miss the freedom of travelling, because soon I will be waking up at 7 am every morning :( , but I am also looking forward to be doing some real work and to be doing it the Dutch way. All in all a lot of mixed feelings, but I guess I haven´t even realised what is really going to happen and I am not sure how I will react, once reality kicks me in the face.
I had a lot of plans for my last weeks in BsAs, but not much happened, because I was busy arranging a lot of things for my return. But most of it seems to be sorted now, so the last few days I will spend seeing the friends I made, sightseeing and simple enjoying the last lazy days I will have for God-knows-how-long to come.
I will fly out on the 18th of February and arrive in Paris at the 19th of February and hopefully later that day in Roosendaal, the place where my parents live. I will visit Haarlem from Wednesday the 21th/Thursday the 22th to Friday the 23th/Saturday the 24th (depending on how much I have to arrange...), so if you want to go and have a beer with me (you pay, I am broke... ;), let me know!
Ok, greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina, maybe for the last time in a while...! :(


Anonymous HarNL said...

Hoi Dave,

je zit dus een tijdje in Roosendaal en Haarlem.
Ook nog zin om een paar dagen in Den Bosch te vertoeven??
Ik betaal het bier (en je kunt uiteraard overnachten).



2:13 PM  
Blogger Johanny said...

Hey Dave! It's me, Johanny! Yes, I read your blog and am glad you have updated. Funny how we have similar experiences in our respective countries. I might visit Holland in the summer and it would be lovely to see you! Actually, we HAVE to meet up! Alike you, I hope the time I return to Buenos Aires is in the near future...I miss it so much! Besos!!!

7:36 PM  

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