Monday, January 08, 2007

I had a great time visiting "Valle de la Luna", also because I met Mauricio, a friendly Argentinean, on the bus towards the park and he invited me to an asado with his 3 friends. It was great, but I ended up going to sleep at 4am, while I had to get up at 6am... Autch! The visit to the park was nice and the area really is quite amazing, but it might not be a big surprise that I slept about half the way... After the park I had to wait for 5 hrs next to the road, to catch a bus to the city La Rioja. From there another bus took me to Salta. In Salta I had a great time as well in the hostel and I managed to see most of the city centre and I climbed the hill next to the city for a great view. I also tried to prepare an outing to the nearby (well, 200km away, but over here that is considered "near") National Park El Rey, but I can get the transport etc. arranged. So I am going to Jujuy to visit a similar, but easier to access National Park over there. This also means I will probably be offline for a few days, so see you in a bit! Love, Dave


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