Thursday, December 07, 2006

After spending some time in Ushuaia, where I visited the National Park and climbed a 1km peak to get a terrefic view of the surroundings, I hitchhiked back to Rio Gallegos, with thanks to Frederico, Juan, Gorge, Luis and Miguel! From there I had trouble to get a ride to Calafate so I took the bus. I am in Calafate now (very touristy and quite expansive!) and I will visit the world-famous glacier today. Then tomorrow I plan to go to El Chalten, where the trekking should be great. And after that, I want to continue North, but I want to try to do it the hard way (by the route 40 or through Chile), so I will maybe not be on the internet for about a week or so. I hope it will be a good adventure and I hope I will arrive to Bariloche in Argentina around the 15th of Decembre.
I am still getting used to travelling alone. I just realised that I have been without a woman in my bed for a period of more than 2 weeks (expect for sharing a bunkbed with another female traveller, but you know what I mean) for the first time in 7,5 years, so this is definitely different! But I am meeting a lot of travellers and locals and apparently my Spanish is improving rapidly, because the Argentineans sometimes ask which part of Spain I am from and the rest of the people simply think I am Argentinean... (Well, the first 2 minutes, after that it´s still obvious my Spanish still lacks a lot of vocabulary)
Ok, see you next time!


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