Friday, January 05, 2007

San Juan:
The last few days in Mendoza I spend catching up on my email and starting my search for a job in Holland (anyone, if you know a nice job in Holland, please inform me!). Today I arrived to San Juan, but I am here just to make the transfer to a small village next to the so-called "Valley of the Moon", but the first bus was full, so I had to spend a few more hours in this little and quite town. Not much to see here, so I am writing a few emails to kill the time. (Unfortunately a museum that seemed interesting to me (The museum of Natural Sciences, which als has some dinosaur leftovers) was closed as well.)
Tomorrow I will hopefully make a tour of the "Valley of the Moon" National Park and maybe another National Park nearby (if the water level drops a bit, because now the Park is closed, due to flooding!). And after that I will continue my journey North as soon as possible! Love, Dave

PS. I noticed that the pictures on the site have disappeared, but I have no idea why, so for now I don´t know how to fix it. Hopefully they will just magically appear again ;-) Below I will post a random picture, just as a test:


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