Friday, December 22, 2006

Hi people! After spending 3 days in El Bolson waiting for the rain to stop (we had an excellent party in the meantime, though, no worries ;), I had 2 days of good hiking there. It feels good to walk between all these beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and forests! And yesterday I finished it off nicely with the climbing of a 2300m mountain next to the village. It was good, but though (I had forgotten that strange pain that you have when your hands freeze and warm up later again!).
Today I decided to escape the rain and have a look in Bariloche, but over here it is raining as well :( I am not sure what I am going to do here, because there is so much to do that I can´t choose! I will try to do some nice things though and maybe celebrate Christmas here with some prefect strangers, before I go to Mendoza on the 28th for a romantic New Year´s celebration with Nora. I will keep you updated! Kisses, Dave


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