Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello all!
I am back in Holland! For now I am staying with my parents in the not-very-exiting town of Roosendaal, but I hope to find some place to stay in or around Haarlem soon.
My first impression is that over here nothing has really changed. Some small things are a bit different, but the overall feel is the same. Ok, I will keep this blog updated with the latest news!
Love, Dave

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi people!
These are my last few days and I am feeling a bit strange. I am looking forward to see how life in Holland will be again, but I will miss my life in Buenos Aires. I will be happy to see my family and friends in Holland again, but I will miss my Nora and all the other great people that I have met here. I guess I will also miss the freedom of travelling, because soon I will be waking up at 7 am every morning :( , but I am also looking forward to be doing some real work and to be doing it the Dutch way. All in all a lot of mixed feelings, but I guess I haven´t even realised what is really going to happen and I am not sure how I will react, once reality kicks me in the face.
I had a lot of plans for my last weeks in BsAs, but not much happened, because I was busy arranging a lot of things for my return. But most of it seems to be sorted now, so the last few days I will spend seeing the friends I made, sightseeing and simple enjoying the last lazy days I will have for God-knows-how-long to come.
I will fly out on the 18th of February and arrive in Paris at the 19th of February and hopefully later that day in Roosendaal, the place where my parents live. I will visit Haarlem from Wednesday the 21th/Thursday the 22th to Friday the 23th/Saturday the 24th (depending on how much I have to arrange...), so if you want to go and have a beer with me (you pay, I am broke... ;), let me know!
Ok, greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina, maybe for the last time in a while...! :(

Friday, February 02, 2007

Buenos Aires & carnaval:
I am still in BsAs, so all the people in BsAs: If you want to have a goodbye drink, let me know, so we can meet!
Right now I am arranging everything for my return to the Netherlands. I am talking with my former employer about a new contract and looking for other jobs as well, just in case. But I am in real need of a place to live! If someone knows something about livingspace in or near the city of Haarlem, please let me know!
This weekend Nora and I are planning to see the carnaval celebrations in Gualeguaychú, the most eloborate carnaval in Argentina! Ok, not much more news, so until next time: Love from Dave!