Friday, December 22, 2006

Hi people! After spending 3 days in El Bolson waiting for the rain to stop (we had an excellent party in the meantime, though, no worries ;), I had 2 days of good hiking there. It feels good to walk between all these beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and forests! And yesterday I finished it off nicely with the climbing of a 2300m mountain next to the village. It was good, but though (I had forgotten that strange pain that you have when your hands freeze and warm up later again!).
Today I decided to escape the rain and have a look in Bariloche, but over here it is raining as well :( I am not sure what I am going to do here, because there is so much to do that I can´t choose! I will try to do some nice things though and maybe celebrate Christmas here with some prefect strangers, before I go to Mendoza on the 28th for a romantic New Year´s celebration with Nora. I will keep you updated! Kisses, Dave

Saturday, December 16, 2006

El Bolson:
Today I arrived in El Bolson, another nice village in the Argentinean Andes! I will probably spend a few days here, walking and exploring the area. After that I will go a bit more up to Bariloche. Not much other news, so see you next time! Love, Dave

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well, plans can change fast... The bus of the company that was going to take me to the crossing into Chile broke down and is not going for a few days. So I can´t make it into Chile anytime soon, so I will travel to Bariloche through Argentina. Travelling is full of surprises, sometimes good, sometimes bad! Ok, I will write some more if I have reached the surroundings of Bariloche!
Greetings, Dave
Hi all! I am still in El Chalten and now I am going to try to cross into Chile from here. There seems to be nothing in that part of Chile, no, nothing, so you might not hear from me for a few days! I hope to re-surface around the 20 of decembre in Bariloche, a lot more north and in Argentina again! Wish me luck! Love, Dave

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I am in probably the windiest place on earth after Antarctica: El Chalten. Unbelievable how much wind there is in this place. Anyway, the trekking is good, if you can see the mountains and the weather is nice, which happened 1 day for me until now, and everybody say I was lucky. The plan to cross into Chile from here is a bit foiled, as the boat only runs once a week and that was yesterday and this is not the place to hang around for a week. I will see what I will do next...! Kisses, Dave

Thursday, December 07, 2006

After spending some time in Ushuaia, where I visited the National Park and climbed a 1km peak to get a terrefic view of the surroundings, I hitchhiked back to Rio Gallegos, with thanks to Frederico, Juan, Gorge, Luis and Miguel! From there I had trouble to get a ride to Calafate so I took the bus. I am in Calafate now (very touristy and quite expansive!) and I will visit the world-famous glacier today. Then tomorrow I plan to go to El Chalten, where the trekking should be great. And after that, I want to continue North, but I want to try to do it the hard way (by the route 40 or through Chile), so I will maybe not be on the internet for about a week or so. I hope it will be a good adventure and I hope I will arrive to Bariloche in Argentina around the 15th of Decembre.
I am still getting used to travelling alone. I just realised that I have been without a woman in my bed for a period of more than 2 weeks (expect for sharing a bunkbed with another female traveller, but you know what I mean) for the first time in 7,5 years, so this is definitely different! But I am meeting a lot of travellers and locals and apparently my Spanish is improving rapidly, because the Argentineans sometimes ask which part of Spain I am from and the rest of the people simply think I am Argentinean... (Well, the first 2 minutes, after that it´s still obvious my Spanish still lacks a lot of vocabulary)
Ok, see you next time!