Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wow, more than a month since I have last written something...
Well, guess what, I have been busy again... Still very busy with the house. Most of the arranging connections and stuff like that seems to be done. (I have got gas, water, electricity and all arranged now) Now it's just fixing things, changing things, stuff like that. Amazing how much time it takes to get your house a bit like you want it... Meanwhile work continues, which takes up a lot of time as well, but at least it pays the seemingly never ending stream of bills. And I get to do some pretty cool stuff at my work once in a while as well, that makes it worth while most of the time.
Nora and I are still trying to find arrangements for our situation. For now, I will travel to BsAs soon to visit her again.
Ok, not much other news, so I leave you guys again. Until next time! (next month!?)

PS. Sorry for not writing everyone (as much) emails, like I should, I hope to find a bit more time soon to do that. But I haven't forgotten none of all you lovely people that I have had the pleasure meeting in my life until now!